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Flowpage features
Flowpage features
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Effortlessly consolidate all your digital content into a single, easily accessible view with Flowpage. It serves as a central hub where you can store and showcase your various links, social media accounts, contact information, and much more.

Learn more about what Flowpage is and how to create one here.

In this article, we'll explain each of Flowpage's features and what they can be used for. The Flowpage creation flow consists of 3 different tabs:

  • Content

  • Design

  • Settings


The Content section of Flowpage is where you can add and edit sections of your Flowpage. Showcase everything from your YouTube videos to featured products to even connect directly with your team via direct SMS or Whatsapp message.


  • Page photo - upload a headshot or company logo

  • Name

  • Page Description/Bio

Add Link

Standard Link: any static URL destination

  • Link URL (feel free to include tracking UTM parameters)

  • Image display type - no image, icon, or featured)

  • Link title

  • Link description (optional)

Advanced Customization Option:

  • Font color

  • Text size

  • Link color

  • Border/shadow color

Explore Links

  • Most popular links

    • Quick access to the most-utilized links on Flowpage

  • Add links and sections

    • Standard link

    • Text box

    • Image

  • Share your content

    • Upload a file

    • App Store Link

    • Youtube

    • Spotify

    • NFT

  • Collect visitor information

    • Communications

      • SMS

      • Call

      • WhatsApp

      • Email

    • Polling

    • Age gate + sensitive content

    • Covid-19 Tracing

  • Grow your following

    • Contact Information

      • First & last names

      • Work number

      • Mobile number

      • Email

      • Website

      • Address

      • Title

      • Company

      • Allow your visitors to download your virtual contact card

    • Social link (see below for included social media)

    • Top friends













Cash App


Apple Music

Amazon Music

Youtube Music




Parade Deck

  • Promote your store front

    • Storefront

    • Promoted Item

    • Store hours


The Design section of Flowpage is where you can customize your page and include design elements from your own brand guidelines.

  • Pick your color - input a hex color code or select a default background color. The page will have a solid color background if no background image is uploaded.

  • Choose a shade - this may change the color of the text to maintain high contrast and well as any hex coloring that was originally inputed

  • Choose a Font - Google fonts integration available (1,429 fonts)

  • Font color

  • Text size

  • Choose a link shape - rounded rectangle, oval, or rectangle

  • Choose a link style - default, gradient, drop shadow, outline, filled, or b/w outline

  • Choose a link color

    • Link Color

    • Border/shadow Color

  • Choose a background - upload your own image or stick with your color

  • Remove Flowcode branding (optional)


The Settings section of Flowpage is where you can manage features like your Flowpage's domain and slug, tags, privacy, pixels, and more.

  • General

    • Copy your Flowpage URL

    • Change your Flowpage URL (note: users can only do this once every 60 days)

    • Transfer your Flowpage

    • Delete your Flowpage

  • Save as a Template

  • Tags - use Tags to categorize and label your pages for easier organization. Select from the suggested tags or create your own.

  • Browser Tab Settings - open Flowpage links in new tabs or replace the current tab

  • Contacts - download a .csv of collected responses from a Contact Collection Form

  • Share Flowpage - links to share your page directly via Facebook, SMS, Twitter, or LinkedIn

  • Privacy

    • I’d like visitors to share and save my page

    • I’d like to remove my page from Google search

    • Name

    • Iframe or Image

    • Tracking URL

  • Duplicate Page - duplicates will have the exact same links, images, and design. You can generate up to 10 duplicates at a time.

  • SEO Meta Tags - modify your Flowpage title and description to improve SEO.

  • Advanced Geolocation Data - allows you to enable the collection of first-party location data from consumers visiting that individual Flowpage

Top navigation bar

View responses

View and export all entries from your Contact Collection form. Entries will automatically be stored here once the form is saved to the page. If you are utilizing one of our integrations, entries will still be stored in Flowpage's Settings section, but will also automatically sync with the third party you integrate with.


This has the exact same functionality as the Duplicate Page within Flowpage's Settings tab. Duplicates will have the exact same links, images, and design. You can generate up to 10 duplicates at a time.


Share Flowpages with your Team/Organization, specific Teams, or Members within your organization. This allows for organizations to collaborate on their Flowpage assets easily. If you are the Creator or Editor of a Flowpage you can share the page and set others’ permissions to be either Viewers or Editors.

Learn more about Flowpage sharing permissions here.


This will automatically filter the Analytics view, so that the only data you see is from that specific Flowpage. This will not include data from any other Flowpages.

For more questions, please email our support team or reach out to your dedicated Client Success Manager.

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