What is the Advanced Geolocation Data Interstitial?

The Advanced Geolocation Data Interstitial allows you to enable the collection of first-party location data from consumers scanning your Flowcodes or visiting your Flowpages.

  • The Advanced Geolocation Data Interstitial is a location access prompt that a consumer will be served after scanning a code or visiting a Flowpage for the first time.

  • Once a consumer clicks “Allow” on the location access prompt, you will collect accurate data on their location.

  • Consumers will only be served the interstitial if you have enabled it for a Flowcode or Flowpage.

Normal geo data is based on the last best connection to wifi / cell tower (which can lag up to 14 days). Using the interstitial, you get GPS enabled geo data (which is 90%+ accurate).

Where can I view analytics and reporting for geolocation data?

Navigate to the Reports section of your account to view reporting on advanced geolocation data. This data will live in the Flowcode Analysis and Flowpage Analysis reports.

  • Within the Flowcode Analysis report, scroll down to the Location Analysis section.

  • Within the Flowpage Analysis report, scroll down to the Geographical Analysis section.

  • Additionally, you can also view reporting on geolocation data within the native Analytics view for Flowpage.

Will consumers be shown the interstitial every time they scan a code or visit a page?

No, not necessarily – once someone allows permission to share location data after scanning a code or visiting a page those permissions will persist in accordance with their browser and device location settings. In essence, whether or not someone is prompted to share their location data multiple times is highly dependent on a combination of their browser and device settings. Also, there are situations where they would always see the location prompt such as if they are on an incognito or private browsing mode.

Release date: December 2022

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