What are UTMs?

  • UTM parameters are short text codes that you add to URLs or weblinks to help you track the user engagement of webpages / campaign resources.

Using UTMs with Flowcodes

  • If you are looking to track traffic on a specific web address, include a UTM parameter on the scan destination (URL your Flowcode is linked to) of your code.

  • *note* Clients are responsible for adding all UTMs up to the utm_term, which is auto appended to any link used with Flowcode

How to set up UTMs

  • Google Analytics or URL Builder websites are most commonly used to define a UTM for a specific campaign.

    • You can also add UTMs to a URL manually by typing the " ? " character before the first UTM and the " & " character between each UTM

Benefits of Using UTMs?

  • Metrics: UTMs utilized in a code’s scan destination URL can be analyzed with tools such as Google Analytics and Adobe Analytics.

  • Tracking: UTMs provide value in social marketing campaigns to easily measure ROI and click tracking.

  • Data Collection: UTMs make data collection and conversion trackable based on the rates at which users scan codes and the actions they take when they land on a page.

  • A/B testing: UTMs can help you label individual campaigns to perform A/B testing on different use cases, which will allow you to continue targeting audiences in effective ways.

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