Please note when creating teams and subteams members that you add to the highest level team will automatically be added to any subsequent subteam(s). If you would like members added at a subteam level only add them to that specific subteam.

How to create a Subteam:

  1. Select the Add subteam option from the edit team drop down.

  2. In the popup, name your subteam and add the necessary members.

  3. Assign the permission of the users added to the group. They can be added as either members, admins, or view only.

  4. Once you have added all the individuals to your team, select create subteam.


When you are finished with this process, you will see the subteam listed under the Subteams header.

  • Parent Team = Team 123

  • Subteam = PNW Region


To create a subteam within a subteam follow the same process. Make sure you are clicked into the subteam you wish to create an additional substeam in so that the team structure is nested correctly. For example, to create an additional subteam for the subteam PNW Region the admin or a member of the team would need to click into PNW Region and then Edit team.


From this view you can see the total Team members in each team and if there are any additional subteams. To view the names of the members in a specific team, click into the team and then navigate to the Team Members tab in the top middle of your screen.


You can edit the permissions of the members in a team or subteam by selecting the downwards arrow next to their role.


Check out this video on how to add members to your subteam. For additional questions, reach out to your Client Success Manager or email our team here.

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