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How to create a Conversion Flow
How to create a Conversion Flow

Conversion Flows are the combination of a QR code and a mobile-optimized landing page.

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Conversion Flows are the bread-and-butter of the Flowcode platform. They represent the flow of people in the real world, to an online conversion. Each conversion flow is comprised of two core pieces:

  • A QR code (or multiple QR codes)

  • And, a mobile-optimized landing page

When you combine these two pieces together, you get an experience that links people who scan your QR codes in the real world to a landing page where they can easily convert — all in one neat bundle.

Here’s how you can create one:

Step 1:

Click create from the top navigation, or select from one of the recommended actions on the home screen.

Step 2:

You’ll be taken to our "flow editor". Here, you will have the option to customize different pieces of your conversion flow:

  • The left navigation of the flow editor will show you various sections based on the template that you’ve selected.

  • The center area will show you inputs that change your experience.

  • The right bar will show you a preview of whatever section you’re on.

Step 3:

Start by naming your flow.

Step 4:

Select a brand kit.

Step 5:

Depending on the template you’ve selected, you will see a number of potential options in the left nav. Step through each section to ensure your content is set up as you’d like it, making sure to save along the way.

Step 6:

When you’re satisfied with all of your settings, save and exit the flow editor.

If you'd like to get back to editing it, you can always hit the "Edit flow" button on your flow details page.

Your flow is now ready to go!

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