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How to set up and install the Hubspot integration on Flowpage
How to set up and install the Hubspot integration on Flowpage
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If you are using the Flowpage Contact Collection form, you can integrate it with your Hubspot instance to seamlessly add the CRM data you capture from your Flowpage as new leads in your list.

The following information can be passed through each integration:

  • HubSpot (Name, Email, Phone Number, Address, Custom)

    • *If a Custom Field is set to “company” or “website” then it will feed that information to the “company” or “website” fields.
      Note: “company” and “website” are case sensitive.*

  • Flowpage (all collected data)

  • Zapier (Name, Email, Phone Number, Address, Age, Gender, Custom)

  • Mailchimp (Name, Email, Phone Number, Address, Age, Gender, Custom)

  • Klaviyo (Name, Email, Phone Number)

  • Salesforce (Select Name as a field and make sure it is a required field

Navigating to your Flowpage

1. Click on Assets > Flowpages on the left side navigation which will take you to your Flowpages dashboard.

2. Select a Flowpage from the list view or search the Flowpage name you would like to integrate.

3. After selecting the Flowpage you would like to edit, you will be brought to the Flowpage Profile page.

Follow the next steps to add your Contact Collection form before you can authorize it.

Enabling the Hubspot integration

1. Navigate to the Content section of your Flowpage Profile page.

2. Either edit an existing Contact Collection form or add one to your Flowpage. Click Explore Links scroll to select Contact Collection.

3. Select Name as a field and make sure it is a required field.

4. Scroll down when editing the form to the Select where you would like responses stored section and check the Hubspot checkbox.

5. Save the link once you are done making edits.

Authorizing Hubspot

  1. In your HubSpot account, click on Settings in the main navigation bar.

  2. In the left sidebar menu, navigate to Integrations > Private Apps.

  3. Click Create private app.

  4. On the Basic Info tab, configure the details of your app:

    1. Enter “flowcode” for app name

  5. Optional — Enter a description and upload a picture for your app.

    1. Sample Description: “Seamlessly pass contacts collected from your Flowpage into Hubspot”

  6. Click the Scopes tab.

  7. Select the Write Checkbox for 'crm.objects.contacts'

  8. Click Create app in the top right.

  9. Copy the Private App Token from the popup after creating the app

    1. You can also view all of your Private App Tokens under Settings > Integrations > Private Apps

Connecting data sync in Flowcode

  1. Ensure the Contact Collection Form has “Hubspot” checked

  2. Paste your Private App Token into the “Hubspot Integration Private App Token” section under the settings tab of your Flowpage and click Save.

3. Submit a test contact to verify the connection, then you should be all set!

For additional questions, please reach out to your dedicated Client Success Manager or email our team here.

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