How does adding people to a team work?

  • If you add someone in at the top team they are then added to all subsequent levels.

  • If you add someone in the middle they are added to only the levels below them.

  • If you add someone at the bottom they only will see assets within that specific group at the bottom of the pyramid.

Does the Teams structure grant universal access in any way?

  • If you put a single team at the top of your org, any person at the highest level will automatically be added to all teams below it and have access to any assets shared with the teams at lower levels

How does sharing assets work? If I share an asset with the top level will all levels below it have it?

  • No. You can slide an asset into whatever level you wish and access permissions will only exist for that team.

Is access tied to the permissions users have in the platform (admin, member, view only) or permissions set in the FlowTeams view?

  • Permissions users have in the platform supersedes that of the team. So if you have edit access for a Flowcode and view only access through your team, you would still have member permissions for the asset.

  • Conversely, if your team had editor permissions to an asset and you were shared this same asset individually (as view only), you would have editor permissions enabled.

Can you share assets directly from individual accounts to FlowTeam structures?

  • Yes. You can share it with a team (e.g. Southwest) or a subteam (e.g Arizona).

  • However a team cannot be an owner of an asset.

What about custom templates IDs?

  • Yes, they can be shared at any level to a team or subteam.

What happens to materials in users accounts that leave an organization?

  • Assets are always owned by a specific user and those materials would then move with the same shared permissions to an admin’s account.

How many sub teams can one individual be a part of?

  • As many as they would like. You can also nest subteams as many times as you like.

Will there be a bulk approval tool for all invites?

  • At this point in time we do not have a bulk approval tool for admins but could add this to the roadmap if people need this!

Is there a visual box / suggestion of teams to share it with?

  • At this point in time we do not have a suggestion box of which teams to share permissions with as part of the sharing functionality.

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