How long does it take my scans to show up on my dashboard?

Real-time. Once someone scans your code, our system is notified and then ingests the data. After processing the scan internally, we surface the data in your dashboard almost immediately.

Can I reset my scan count to zero?

No, all scan counts are inclusive of every scan since the code was created. Visit your Reports section to filter down on when Flowcodes/Flowpages were created.

What happens if one person scans my code multiple times?

Each scan is tallied to your overall scan count. In your Reports section, you will see Scans (total) compared to Unique Scanners. Reference our Re-engagement charts to dive deeper.

I scanned my Flowcode and still see 0 scans? Why?

Scan metrics are real-time, but can take up to 3 hours to populate into your dashboard under unique circumstances. If you find your scan data to not be reflecting accurately after this time period, please send an image of your code to [email protected] and we can further investigate.

If I accidentally delete my Flowcode, what happens to the scan data?

All scan data is held in our system, if you reach out to our Support team ([email protected]) with an image of your lost or deleted code, we can restore that code to your dashboard as well as your historic data.

Can I view scans for a specific code?

Yes, click into a specific code and then navigate to the Analytics tab. You can also filter on particular Flowcodes and Flowpages in your Reports.

How does Flowcode track scans?

Each Flowcode is tied to a unique URL, so when someone scans your code they are first sent to that unique URL and then to your set scan destination. This is how we are able to measure traffic to that URL and then report back to you how many times your code was scanned.

Can I see the location of my scanners or page visitors?

View a Heat Map of your scanners in your Reports for Flowcode and Flowpage. Currently, we report on Country, State, and City (US) location.

Can I see the phone numbers of my who scanned my code?

We don’t track any Personally Identifiable Information from individuals that scan your code, as we maintain the highest levels of privacy compliance.

  • However, with Flowpage, you have the ability to capture contact information from visitors to your page with our contact collection widget.

  • You can also add a facebook or third party pixel to retarget users.

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