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Is Flowcode free or is there a scan limit?

Your first 2 Flowcodes are always free! If you need more than 2 codes, you can upgrade to Flowcode Pro. To learn more about the additional features of Pro and its pricing, please visit our plans page.

Flowcodes never expire, so go ahead and put them out in the world! All Flowcodes allow unlimited scans, no matter the account type. Flowcodes are also dynamic, meaning you are also able to update the destination as often as you'd like from within your Flowcode Dashboard.

How long does it take my scans to show up on my dashboard?

All data (scans and clicks) will display in real time. Once someone scans your code or clicks on your page, our system is notified and then ingests the data. After processing the scan internally, we surface the data in your dashboard almost immediately.

Can I reset my scan count to zero?

No, all scan counts are inclusive of every scan since the code was created. Visit your Reports section to filter down on when Flowcodes/Flowpages were created.

What happens if one person scans my code multiple times?

Each scan is tallied to your overall scan count. However, you will see Scans (total) compared to Unique Scanners. This a sense of how many people scanned a code multiple times or have scanned different codes.

You can reference the Reports section to visualize Re-engagement charts and dive deeper.

How long does it take for scans to show up on my dashboard?

It can take up to 3 hours for scan data to populate your dashboard. Once someone scans your code, our system is notified and then ingests the data. After processing the scan internally, we surface the data in your dashboard.

I scanned my Flowcode and still see 0 scans? Why?

Scan metrics are real-time, but can take up to 3 hours to populate into your dashboard under unique circumstances. If you find your scan data to not be reflecting accurately after this time period, please send an image of your code to [email protected] and we can further investigate.

If I accidentally archive/delete my Flowcode, what happens to the scan data?

Don't worry, all scan data is held in our system. If you accidentally archived a code, you can access it in your Archive by going to Assets > Archive > click the code you'd like to restore > Restore now.

Restoring that code to your dashboard will also populate your historic data.

Can I view scans for a specific code?

Yes, there are two ways to do this:

First option: click on the specific code you'd like to see the data on > 'View full analytics'.

Second option: navigate to the Analytics tab > Flowcode > Codes filter > select the code you'd like to see data on. Click Apply.

If I upgrade to Pro, will I be able to see the Advanced Analytics scan data for my previously created codes?

Yes! Your data cap will increase from 500 scans to 2,000. We ingest scan time, day, week, and device information for all codes, regardless of account. If you upgrade to Pro, we surface that additional data to you directly in your dashboard.

What happens to my data if I downgrade from Pro to Free?

All scan data lives in our system, upon downgrading to Free you will still be able to see your scan data for today, the last 7 days, the last 30 days, and the last 90 days. Your data cap will be reset to 500 scans, meaning you will only see data for the first 500 scans you received. Should you wish to re-upgrade to Pro, we would then surface the Pro data set in your dashboard again.

How does Flowcode track scans?

Each Flowcode is tied to a unique URL, so when someone scans your code they are first sent to that unique URL and then to your set scan destination. This is how we are able to measure traffic to that URL and then report back to you how many times your code was scanned.

Can I see the names or phone numbers of those who scanned my code?

We don’t track any Personally Identifiable Information (PII) from individuals that scan your code or visit your page, as we maintain the highest levels of privacy compliance.

  • However, with Flowpage, you have the ability to capture contact information from visitors to your page with our contact collection widget.

  • You can also add a Facebook or custom pixel to retarget users.

Can I see the location of my scanners or page visitors?

With Flowcode's Growth and Enterprise plans, you can view geolocation data at two different levels:

First level - assigned to all codes. Since we collect IP address of who scans the code, we're able to show down to a ZIP-code-level location. This will appear in your Analytics Dashboard as "IP Address" (gray square).

Second level - only assigned to designated codes. During the code creation process, you'll be able to toggle this on if you'd like to give those who scan your code the option to opt-in to give their precise location. This will appear in your Analytics Dashboard as "Device Enabled" (blue circle).

My data seems off – who should I contact?

You can reach out to [email protected] with any questions about your data, but keep in mind it can take up to 3 hours for your scan data to surface in your dashboard.

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