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How many scans is my Flowcode allowed?
How many scans is my Flowcode allowed?
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All Flowcodes allow unlimited scans, no matter the account type. The data caps do not impact how many scans your codes can receive.

A Basic Flowcode account has access to up to 500 analytics scans, so once that account limit is reached, no new scan data will appear in your dashboard. This will not impact the function of the code itself, it will still lead to your set destination.

You can check which plan type you have by logging into your Flowcode account and looking in the upper lefthand corner. Your plan name will be showcased to the right of the Flowcode logo.

Flowcodes are also dynamic, meaning you are also able to update the destination as often as you'd like from within your Flowcode Dashboard. Learn how to change the destination of a code in this article.

Should you wish to access additional data or need more than 2 codes, you can do so by upgrading to one of our premium plans.

For more help, please email our support team.

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