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How to edit where a Flowcode scans to
How to edit where a Flowcode scans to
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All Flowcodes are dynamic, which means that you can update where your code scans to at any point in time - even if your code is already printed! To do this, your code must be saved to your Flowcode account.

1. Select the code you want to update from the Flowcode Dashboard.

2. Enter the new URL you'd like your Flowcode to scan to, or click on the Destination dropdown to select a new type of destination.

3. Input your new scan destination and click Save.

Your Flowcode will update in real time. There's no need to re-print or re-share your Flowcode if it is already out in the world!

Learn what else you can edit even after creating your code here.

For more help, please email our support team or reach out to your dedicated Client Success Manager.

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