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Nested Folders FAQ
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What are Nested Folders?

Nested Folders is an iteration on folders that supports subfolders within folders. You can now create subfolders within folders, move folders into existing folders to form subfolders, and create or move codes anywhere in a nested folder structure. This will allow for maintaining a flexible, multi-level structure with folders and subfolders.

How many levels of Folders can I have in a Nested Folder structure?

We support up to 5 levels of folders within a nested structure. For example:

  • USA (top-folder/level 1)

  • New England (level 2) → Massachusetts (level 3) → Suffolk County (level 4) →

  • Boston (final folder/level 5)

Learn more about naming best practices here.

Can I view analytics for a Subfolder?

Yes, you can navigate to a subfolder within a nested folder structure. To do so click into the sub folder view you would like to view and then click on “Folder Analytics”.

In this view, you will be able to see all of the analytics for the codes within that subfolder and any subsequent subfolder. The data you see will be the aggregated view for the folder or subfolder that you’re viewing. If you are looking at the folder analytics at the highest level, you will be able to see the activity for all Flowcodes that are within that folder and any subsequent subfolder.

For example:

If you wanted to look at the sub folder analytics for the sub folder New England, you would be able to see the codes analytics for the codes shared in New England (level 2) as well as Massachusetts (level 3), Suffolk County (level 4), and Boston (final folder/level 5).

Can I create a Subfolder within a Folder that has been shared with me?

Yes, you can create a subfolder within a folder that has been shared with you as long as you are an Editor of that folder. To maintain consistency of ownership throughout a nested folder structure, you will be the Editor of that sub folder you created – not the Creator.

What happens to the codes and Subfolders within a Folder if I delete that Folder?

All of the subfolders and codes within a folder will be deleted if you delete the folder at the highest level. Codes can always be restored if they are deleted mistakenly. A folder structure cannot be restored if it is deleted so if codes that were previously in a folder structure are deleted then they will need to be restored. If this occurs, please reach out to your dedicated Client Success Manager for assistance.

Will I still be the owner of a folder that I created if I move it into a folder that another member of my organization created?

No, once you move that folder into a folder owned by another member of your organization, that member of your team will become the Creator (i.e. owner) and your folder will become a sub folder within their folder structure. You can still maintain editing access by being an editor to the folder.

Can I share a folder or subfolder as an Editor?

No, only the Creator (i.e. owner) of a folder or subfolder can share it with organization, teams and/or specific members. The same is true for individual Flowcodes which can only be shared by Creators – not Editors or Viewers.

Can I delete a folder or subfolder as an Editor?

No, only the Creator (i.e. owner) of a folder or subfolder can delete it.

For more questions, please reach out to your dedicated Client Success Manager or email our team here.

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