Naming Conventions


Always choose consistent names for Codes and Folders:

  • Identify a naming convention that is easiest for YOUR internal team to navigate your content within the platform-there is no wrong option here:

    • Pros: Easier site navigation / easier data reporting.

    • This can include salesforce IDs, internal reference identifiers, location signifiers, placement, etc. Ex: Campaign1_digital_june2022

      • If you would like your codes organized by folder, you will need to move individually created codes into folders if they are not created from the folder itself.

      • Note: Bulk uploaded codes will always build into a folder.

      • Character limit for code names is 128 characters.


Folders can be created by selecting the create folder button under the Flowcode section of the portal.

  • From here, you can create codes that will auto populate in the folder after creation.

  • Folders are noted by a folder icon at the bottom of the webpage.

  • Once a folder is created, it will appear as a tab on the left side of your account.


For any additional questions please reach out to your Client Success Manager or send a message to our team here.

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