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Best practices: naming codes and folders
Best practices: naming codes and folders
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What is a Folder?

A Folder allows you to organize multiple Flowcodes together in one central place. Folders are noted by Folder icon in your Flowcode dashboard.

Why are names and Folders important?

Naming codes and organizing them into Folders makes it easier to navigate through the site and report on data reporting. This becomes especially important when organizing, running, and analyzing campaigns.

Always choose consistent names for Codes and Folders. Identify a naming convention that is easiest for YOUR internal team to navigate your content within the platform-there is no wrong option here.

This can include salesforce IDs, internal reference identifiers, location signifiers, placement, etc. Ex: Campaign1_digital_june2022

Is there a character limit for code or Folder?

Yes, the character limit for both code and Folder names is 128 characters.

How to create Folders

To organize your codes by Folder, you can either:

  • Create a new Folder and move desired codes into it

  • Bulk create codes into a folder

Create a new Folder

Folders can be created by clicking on the circular + Create button on the top of the lefthand navigation bar and selecting Folder, or clicking Create folder in the upper righthand corner of the Flowcode dashboard.

Once a Folder is created, it will appear at the top of your Flowcode dashboard and under Assets in the lefthand navigation container.

Bulk create codes into a Folder

Bulk creating codes will always generate them into a new Folder. You cannot generate them into an already-existing Folder. First, generate them, and then you can move them to the desired Folder using bulk functions.

For any additional questions please reach out to your Client Success Manager or send a message to our team at [email protected].

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