In the creation flow of creating a Flowpage, you have the option to add a Contact Collection Form to your page. The contact collection form will give you the option to collect the following CRM information:

    • Form Title

    • Form Description

    • Information type

      • Name

      • Email

      • Phone

      • Address

      • Age

      • Gender

      • Custom Input field (2x)

    • Custom Terms and Conditions

    • Integrations

      • Flowpage (all collected data)

      • Zapier (Name, Email, Phone Number, Address, Age, Gender, Custom)

      • Mailchimp (Name, Email, Phone Number, Address, Age, Gender, Custom)

      • Klaviyo (Name, Email, Phone Number)

      • HubSpot (Name, Email, Phone Number, Address, Custom)

          • *If a Custom Field is set to “company” or “website” then it will feed that information to the “company” or “website” fields. NOTE: “company” and “website” are case sensitive.*

      • Salesforce (Select Name as a field and make sure it is a required field)

    • Custom Success Message

    • Add Image

  • Display types

    • Link

    • Pop-up

    • Embedded

All entries on your contact collection form will be store in the Settings section of your Flowpage under the Contacts section. Entries will automatically be stored here once the form is saved to the page. If you are utilizing one of our integrations, entries will still be stored in Settings section but will also automatically sync with the third party you integrate with.

For questions, please reference our integration instructions. If additional assistance is needed, please reach out to your CSM or email our team here.

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