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How to use UTMs with Flowcodes
How to use UTMs with Flowcodes
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If you are looking to track traffic on a specific web address, include a UTM parameter on the scan destination (URL your Flowcode is linked to) of your code.

How to set up UTMs

1. First, build your UTM link. You can use Google Analytics Campaign URL Builder to create your own, or others depending on where your link will be.


Note: you are responsible for adding all UTMs up to the utm_term, which is auto appended to any link used with Flowcode.

2. You'll need to include the following parameters:

  • Website URL

  • Campaign source - use this parameter to identify the source of your traffic. This could be a website name, search engine, newsletter name, or social network.

  • Campaign medium - use this parameter to identify the medium used to share and access your link. This could be email, social, cost per click (cpc), or another method.

  • Campaign name - use this parameter to identify a campaign or promotion tied to your link. This could be a product name, type of sale, contest name, etc.

3. This will generate the campaign URL, which is your UTM link. Copy this link.

4. Next, create your Flowcode. Use the Website destination type and paste the UTM link in the URL.

5. Now whatever Hosting Provider you're using (Flowpage, BlueHost, GoDaddy, etc.) will report what code your traffic is coming from. Below is a screenshot of Flowpage Analytics's UTM Traffic breakdown.

For more assistance, please email our support team or reach out to your dedicated Client Success Manager.

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