Start by logging into your Flowcode account:

(Use the username/email & password you set upon accepting your invitation to the platform).

Step 1: Create Flowcode

Once you are logged in, you will be brought into your My Flowcodes view.

If you have no codes in your account, you will be prompted to get started. You'll need to select a name for your code. This will allow you to enter into the creation flow of creating a Flowcode. Once you have selected a name, hit Create.


If you have already created codes or have codes shared with you, your home screen may look like this instead:

  • Select the blue Create code button to create a new Flowcode.

  • You can also get to the code creation view by selecting Create β†’ Flowcode from the left side panel.

Step 2: Design your Flowcode

  • In this section I want my Flowcode to look like you can choose from your saved design templates or create codes using the auto design tool.

    • Click on the arrows next to each section to select from the design options.

  • Please note most Enterprise users will select from the "A saved design" section and select a custom designed Flowcode that was created by our design team.


Below design you will find an option to optimize your codes for videos:

  • This feature is only relevant for creators who create a code using the auto design tool and plan to use the code digitally.

  • If you are using a custom designed code from the saved design section, you canignore this since our design team QAs all codes and optimizes them for digital use in the initial creation process.


Step 3: Creation Flow

In the Create a new Flowcode section, you will have two options:

    • Make one Flowcode

    • Make many Flowcodes

The Make many Flowcodes is our bulk uploading feature. This option gives you the ability to generate up to a thousand codes at one time. You can do this by selecting the Make many Flowcodes option.

Note, this example shows the creation process for a single code. For more information on bulk uploads see our article: How to Bulk Upload

Begin by naming your code: Name your code based on the naming convention that works best for your team, under the Name my code section.

Next, enter a scan destination. Select your desired scan destination in the I want my Flowcode to scan to section. Here you can choose from the following scan destination options:

    • Website

    • File (PDF)

    • Youtube

    • Google Doc

    • Instagram

    • Facebook

    • SMS

    • Email

    • WIFI

    • Venmo

    • Phone Call

    • Linkedin

    • TikTok

    • Snapchat

    • Twitter

    • Spotify

    • Flowpage (Flowpages within your account)

    • Vcard

  • You can also input more than one scan destination by clicking the plus button next to Input number of scan destinations.

If you select more than one scan destination, a smart rule is needed. Currently we are able to delineate destinations based on device type. You can do this by selecting the plus arrow next to Input number of scan destinations and then Apply smart rule:


For more information on smart rules please see our article:

Once you have selected your scan destination(s) you will see a section where you can choose a custom domain. This is located under the I want the custom redirect link for my code to be.


If you have created a custom domain, select from your saved redirect(s) list to add to your Flowcode. Please note this option will only be available in the creation flow if you have previously set a custom domain in the Domains section of the platform.

For more information on creating custom domains, please see our article:

Step 4: Tags

Tags are another way to organize and track your Flowcodes. Tags work like keywords or labels that let you easily search and filter from your "My Flowcodes" view. This is a totally optional step as we also have the ability to organize by Folders if you choose to organize that way.


Step 5: Geolocation

Enable more accurate geolocation data collection for scans of this Flowcode.


Step 6: Share and Create.

Next, you can add viewers or editors to your Codes under the I want to share my Flowcode with section.

  • A viewer will be able to see the code in their account as well as the code's analytics but will not be able to edit or share the code. Note, the creator of a code is the only user that can share the code with additional org members.

  • An editor can view and edit codes but cannot share codes they did not create with other members of their org.

  • In this section you have the option to share codes with individual members of your team or share with the entire organization.


Once you are satisfied with your Flowcode edits, hit Create my Flowcode. After you select Create my Flowcode, your code will be created and you will be sent to the Code Overview Page. Here you can edit and make changes post creation.

For any Flowcode creation questions please reach out to your Client Success Manager or email [email protected].

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