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Creating a Flowcode
Creating a Flowcode
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To begin creating your code, log into your Flowcode account. Use the email & password you set upon accepting your invitation to the platform.

Once you are logged in, select Assets > Flowcodes to be brought into your Flowcode Dashboard view. If you have no codes in your account, you will be prompted to get started on creating one.

1. To get started creating your code, select the blue Create code button to create a new Flowcode. You can also get to the code creation view by selecting + Create > Flowcode from the left side panel.

2. Choose the number of Flowcodes you want to create, either make One Flowcode or Many Flowcodes.

Many Flowcodes is our bulk creating feature. This option gives users the ability to generate up to a thousand codes at one time.

3. Choose a scan destination, where users will be redirected to once they scan your QR code. Here are some of the many scan destinations you have access to:

  • Website: any valid URL on the Internet

  • File: upload a PDF, image, video, or audio file from your device (max size: 20MB)

  • Video or audio content: YouTube, Spotify, and more

  • Google Drive: Docs, Sheets, Forms, etc.

  • Social media accounts: Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, TikTok, Snapchat, Twitter, etc.

  • Payment platforms: Scan to a Venmo, Paypal or other account

  • WiFi: Let employees, customers, or visitors scan to directly connect to your WiFi

  • SMS: add the receiving phone number and an optional pre-filled message

  • Email: enter the receiving email address and an optional subject and message that will auto-populate

  • Phone call: add the receiving phone number you’d like to make an automatic call

  • Flowpage: all-in-one landing pages where you can embed several links for people to explore (ex: upload a YouTube video, add an e-commerce website, and connect all social media accounts all in one place for people to explore)

  • VCard: scan directly to a Virtual Contact Files (.vcf, AKA vCards), which are standard files for formatting electronic business cards

4. Choose a design for your Flowcode. Click on the arrows next to each section to select from the design options. You can choose from either:

  • A premade template: use one of Flowcode’s premade template designs customized by our team of in-house designers. Our template designs are rotated on a monthly basis to provide pre-made options relevant to holidays or other cultural moments throughout the year. You’ll also find the most popular social media codes here for Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter.

  • The auto-design tool: select up to three colors and upload your logo to create an infinite amount of different designs. Click the Refresh button to see codes with different borders, calls to action, data point shapes, and color combinations.

  • A new design from scratch: designing from scratch provides maximum customization. Simply pick a data shape, color, shape (circle or square), and add a logo. Higher plans unlock additional colors.

  • A design I have saved: if you ever love a design that you make for a code, you can create a Template for it. That saved design will then be populated here. With Flowcode Pro Plus, you have access to codes created exclusively by our in-house design team. They’ll take your logo, brand guidelines, and any other assets and transform it into a beautiful custom code that will be added to your account. The custom code will live as a template under this dropdown, where you can access it whenever you’d like.

5. Select if you would like to optimize your Flowcode for video. This feature is only relevant for users who create a code using the design tool (not a previously designed template by our team) and plan to use the code digitally.

6. Check to save your design as a Template to apply to future codes. After checking the box, you'll be required to give the Template a name.

7. Available with Pro+ and above plans: if needed, select your custom redirect link for your code. Learn more about redirects here.

8. Available with Pro+ and above plans: if desired, toggle off Flowcode branding within the eye of the code. Learn more about removing the Flowcode logo and our privacy policy here.

9. Tags are a way to organize and track your Flowcodes. Tags work like keywords or labels that let you easily search and filter from your Flowcode Dashboard. This is a totally optional step as we also have the ability to organize your codes with Folders.

Learn more about Tags here.

10. Available with Growth and Enterprise plans: by activating this feature, consumers can grant you access to their most precise location data upon scanning your code, allowing you to gain valuable insights to help amplify the growth of your brand.

Learn more about Flowcode's Advanced Geolocation Interstitial here.

11. Available with Pro+ and above plans: you can add Viewers or Editors from your Org to your codes to collaborate.

Learn more about Flowcode's platform permissions here.

12. Once you are satisfied with your Flowcode edits, hit Create and Download and you will be sent to the Code Overview page.

Note: if the Create and Download button is still grayed out, please go back and make sure everything is properly filled out, especially the Scan Destination section.

Learn more about the Code Details page here.

For any questions, please email [email protected] or reach out to your Client Success Manager.

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