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When creating a Flowcode, you will see the option to input multiple scan destination options. Press the plus (+) button to add as many destinations as you would like. You can add up to 10.


Enter your scan destinations and apply Smart Rules to each one. You can apply rules based on the scanner's device type (iOS/Android), time of day, or day of week.

Your first scan destination will become your default when no other rules apply. For example, if you have rules set for Monday and Tuesday and someone scans your code on a Wednesday, the scanner will be redirected to your default destination.

You can combine conditions when creating rules. For example, if you wanted customers to be redirected to a specific landing page on Monday-Saturday from 11am-4pm EST, you would select "Day" and "Time" when creating your rule (see below).


Press "Apply scan destination rule" to save and move on to your next scan destination.


After applying rules to each of your scan destinations, you can review a summary by pressing the button that says "View Summary."


If you are happy with your Smart Rules, move onto the design phase to customize your Flowcode. You can edit your Flowcode's scan destinations and Smart Rules after saving and downloading your code.

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