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What are Smart Rules?
What are Smart Rules?
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If you want to create a Flowcode that redirects to a different destination based on time of day, day of week, or scanner's device type, add a Smart Rule. Smart Rules are included with the Flowcode Pro and Pro Plus plans, allowing you to set custom conditions for your codes.

With Smart Rules, you can create a singular Flowcode that redirects to multiple destinations. The destination that a scanner lands on is determined by the type of Smart Rule you add. You have the option to redirect your scanners based on their device type (to direct them to the correct application store), the time of day that the scan takes place, or the day of the week. This provides your customers/audience with a custom, dynamic experience. You can add up to 10 Smart Rules per Flowcode.

Learn how to add them to your codes here.

Need inspiration?

Example 1 - Device type

If you are marketing an app and want to use Flowcode to increase downloads, you would add a device-type Smart Rule. This allows you to redirect scanners based on the type of device (iOS or Android) they are using to scan your Flowcode. Then, you would input two different scan destinations: your app on the iOS App Store and your app on the Android App Store. When someone scans your code, they will be automatically redirected to the appropriate app store.


Example 2 - Time of day

If you are a restaurant using Flowcode as your contactless menu solution, instead of having separate Flowcodes for your lunch and dinner menus, you could add a Smart Rule based on time of day. When customers scan the menu at lunchtime, they will be redirected to the lunch menu. After a certain hour (determined by you), customers will be automatically redirected to the dinner menu.


Example 3 - Time of day

If you are a brand who sells products that can be used at different times of the day, create a Flowcode that scans to different use cases based on time of day. For example, a beauty brand used Flowcodes in their advertisement to scan to a morning routine (using their products) at the beginning of the day and a night routine (using their products) at the end of the day.

Example 4 - Day of the week

If you are a bar that offers different drink specials each day of the week, create a Flowcode with a day-of-week Smart Rule. Upload a unique menu or link for each day so that when customers scan your contactless menu, they are automatically redirected to that day's specials.

For more help, please email our support team or reach out to your dedicated Client Success Manager.

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