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Can I change the scan destination of my Flowtag?
Can I change the scan destination of my Flowtag?
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Yes! You can change the scan destination of any Flowtag or Flowcode to a different Flowpage or website.

1. Navigate to your Flowcode account and click on Assets > Flowcodes on the lefthand navigation.

2. Click on the specific code you’d like to change the destination of. Flowtags will be designated with "flowtag -" at the beginning of the name.

3. After clicking on the code, you'll be brought to the Code Details page. Select the Destination dropdown and choose which alternative destination you want.

4. Once the scan destination is changed and the required information is properly put in, click the black Save button.

You're all set! Your Flowtag will now scan to this new destination.

For more help, please email our support team or reach out to your dedicated Client Success Manager.

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