Before applying the Flowtag to your device, it is important that you first tap or scan it to begin the setup process.

NOTE: If you have a Flowtag "Scan Only", then your tag does not include NFC. Buy a Flowtag Scan + Tap to have NFC included

  1. Tap or scan your Flowtag

  2. Follow the on-screen instructions and create your Flowcode account

  3. Customize your flowpage profile

  4. Place your flowtag!

To properly add your Flowtag to your mobile device, peel the sticker off the back of your Flowtag and stick it to the back of your phone or your phone’s case. To have the best quality tapping experience, place your Flowtag in the sweet spot for your phone’s model.

On an iOS device, your Flowtag should be placed on the back of the phone near the lower half of the device.




On a Samsung device, your Flowtag should be placed on the back of your phone near the upper right half, on the opposite side of your camera. Some Android phones have a different tapping sweet spot, so refer to this link to find best placement practices for Samsung phones, and refer to this other link to find out whether your Android or iOS device is compatible with Flowtag’s tap ability.

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