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What is a Flowtag and how does it work?
What is a Flowtag and how does it work?
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In a world that is rapidly shifting online, Flowtag aims to be the commonplace way of sharing information. From NFT’s to digital catalogs to Instagram accounts, Flowtag can easily promote them all. Flowtags are highly designed bubble stickers that you can apply to the back of your mobile device which allows you to quickly share just about anything you want. Flowtags are NFC and QR code enabled which means they can be tapped or scanned to get a user's links.


Flowtag features a highly designed QR code, scannable from any mobile device’s camera. Flowtag has NFC (near field communication) built in, which gives people the ability to tap your Flowtag to instantly connect to your digital universe. Just like Samsung & Apple Pay!

When a person taps or scans your Flowtag, they are taken to your customized page where they can connect with you, your projects, and whatever else you’d like them to see. People use Flowtag to quickly and easily share their contact info, socials, side hustles, music careers, NFT’s, businesses and much more.

Note: if you have a Flowtag "Scan Only", then your tag does not include NFC.

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