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  Our newest feature is here! Meet Tags, a new way to track and organiz...
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Is Flowcode QR Free? Is there a scan limit?
Your first 3 Flowcodes are always free! If you need more than 3 codes, y...
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What’s the difference between a generic QR code and a Flowcode?
Flowcode uses the latest in QR technology to bring you fast, reliable, a...
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Can I remove the Flowcode logo from the code?
No, all codes include Flowcode branding to ensure privacy compliance. Yo...
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What's included with Flowcode Pro?
When you upgrade to our premium service, Flowcode Pro, you unlock a suit...
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Can I transfer codes I made with another company to Flowcode?
The way QR codes work is that each unique design is connected to a uniqu...
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What happens to my account/codes when I downgrade?
If you downgrade from a Pro account to a free account, you will retain a...
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Can I make a square Flowcode?
At this time we exclusively offer circular codes, however, user feedback...
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What is Flowcode's privacy policy?
Every Flowcode has privacy.flowcode.com featured on the code itself beca...
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