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The best way to engage with customers, capture leads, and promote your business is to print your Flowcode. offers a full print store, allowing you to order custom prints with your Flowcode on them. Here are the products we currently offer:


Stickers (choose between 2" and 3" inch stickers)

Water-resistant, long-lasting permanent sticker but can be cleanly removed with no residue. Perfect for tabletops windows and walls

sticker_003.png.     sticker_001.svg


Wall Stickers (choose between 11.5" and 24" wall stickers)

High quality removable and repositionable fabric. Perfect for walls



Floor Stickers (choose between 11.5" and 24" floor stickers)

Floor sticker with extremely high durability (more than twice the life span of the leading brand)



Business Cards (choose between 4 different plastic NFC-enabled designs)

Reusable business cards with an embedded NFC chip for contactless information transmission. You can either tap or scan with your phone.



Table Tents (choose between 3.5 x 5" and 5 x 7" and 3 different designs)

Durable and sanitizable between table turns. Sleeker, cheaper, and more eco-friendly than using disposable menus.

table_tent_002_design_001.png.    table_tent_002_design_002.svg


Static Window Clings (choose between 3", 6", 8")

Designed to firmly hold to any glass surface without using adhesive. 6 month life span



Head to the Flowcode Print Store to get started. You'll have the option to print an existing code, or create a new one.


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