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How to add codes to a Folder

Learn how to move codes into a Folder to keep your dashboard organized and filter within analytics.

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1. Locate the code you'd like to move in your Assets dashboard.

2. Hover over the code and click on the More actions kebab (3 vertical dots).

3. Select Move to.

4. Choose the Folder you'd like the code to be added to and select Move.

5. The code should now be in the Folder!

If you're locating a code by using the search bar...

1. Enter the name of the code in the search bar and select it.

2. At the top of the Code Details page, next to the name of the code, click on the folder icon with an arrow inside.

3. Click on the name of the Folder you'd like to move the code to, and select Move here.

4. The code should now be in the Folder!

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