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How to schedule Real-time analytics
How to schedule Real-time analytics
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Scheduled Real-time reports offer a comprehensive view into the performance of your codes and pages, delivering a wealth of crucial engagement metrics, including scans, page views, link clicks, contacts collected, audience geolocation, and more.

Tailored to meet individual preferences, these reports can be scheduled at flexible intervals, ranging from as frequent as every 10 minutes to longer spans, aligning perfectly with your team's workflow and client reporting needs.

Automated scheduling streamlines your process, eliminating the need for manual data retrieval. Seamlessly receive reports, ready for presentations during meetings or for sharing across teams and clients. Say goodbye to the hassle of constant platform logins. Embrace the ease of effortlessly delivered data, enabling better collaboration and informed decision-making.

How to schedule Real-time analytics

1. Navigate to the Analytics tab on your lefthand sidebar. Click either Real-time under Flowcode or Flowpage analytics.

2. Click Schedule in the upper righthand corner of the dashboard.

3. A popout will appear. Click the black + button in the upper righthand corner.

4. Fill out all fields in the Details and Filters tabs:


  • Schedule Name

  • Start date

  • End date

  • Recurrence (Minutes, Hourly, Daily, Weekly, or Monthly)

  • Send every

  • Start

  • End

  • Email recipients

  • Format (CSV)

Note: After adding an email recipient, make sure you hit your Return button so the email is surrounded by a bubble outline and looks like the screenshot below.


  • Code

  • Folder

  • Tag

  • Team

5. Once you've put in all the details and filters, click the Schedule button at the bottom of the popout window.

A successfully setup schedule will appear in a list under Scheduled Reports popout window.

To pause or delete a schedule, click on it and select Pause or Delete from the dropdown.

For more assistance, please email our support team or reach out to your dedicated Client Success Manager.

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