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How to connect a code to a Google Review
How to connect a code to a Google Review
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Before creating a Flowcode, you'll need the Place ID of the business you're asking customers to review.

2. Enter the name of the business establishment in the Enter a location field at the top of the field. Make sure the address is of the correct business! Click on the correct one.

3. It will populate the map view of the surrounding area and drop a pin on the business. Copy the Place ID, but make sure to not include the address in the line below it.

4. Now you're ready to create your Flowcode! In a new tab, open Flowcode.

5. Once you are logged in, select Assets > Flowcodes to be brought into your Flowcode Dashboard view. Get to the code creation view by clicking + Create > Flowcode from the left side panel or right side button.

6. You'll be able to choose the number of Flowcodes you want to create. Select One Flowcode for this.

7. Choose a scan destination, where users will be redirected to once they scan your QR code. Website will be selected by default, so you can keep it as is.

This is where you'll paste the URL of your Google Review. To properly link to a Google Review, include this URL first: ​

Copy and paste the Place ID from Step 3 where it says PASTEIDHERE in the URL. So for the example, it looks like this: ​

8. Continue creating the code as you would any other one.

You're ready for customers to scan to leave you Google Reviews!

For further assistance, please email our support team or reach out to your dedicated Client Success Manager.

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