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Flowcode Scan Data Caps: FAQs
Flowcode Scan Data Caps: FAQs
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What is a Flowcode Scan Data Cap?

Flowcode Scan Data Caps are a fixed limit on the amount of scan data from your Flowcodes that is recorded on the Flowlytics page of your account.

Each Flowcode plan type has a specified limit. Once you exceed that threshold, your Flowcode products will remain functional, but the data you are able to capture about your audience won’t be viewable in your account past the analytics cap determined by your account type.

What is the Scan Data Cap of my plan?

Below is a breakdown of the scan data caps by each plan type:

  • Basic = 500 scans

  • Pro = 2,000 scans

  • Pro+ = 6,000 scans

  • Growth = 10,000 scans

  • Enterprise = Unlimited

With each plan, your scan analytics will stop displaying once your account reaches this limit. This cap pertains to all Flowcodes in your account and will be recorded as a combined total of scans from all of your assets. For example, if you have a Personal Plan and have created 5 codes, your 2,000 Scan Data Cap will be calculated from the total scans across all 5 of those codes.

To unlock more data, you can upgrade to a plan with a higher cap.

If I have been using Flowcode before this announcement, how does this impact my account data?

Flowcode Scan Data Caps are in effect as of 02/29/2024. This change in our analytics platform means that after this date, you will be able to see the data for your scans outlined by the Scan Data Cap associated with your plan type.

Will my Flowcode stop working if I hit my Flowcode Scan Data Cap?

No, your Flowcode will continue to work after this change, as long as it leads to a valid URL or page. Flowcode measured scan limits only impact your ability to view and analyze scan data from your code, such as: total scans, time of day, device type, and more.

Depending on your current plan type, analytics for those scans will only be viewable below your allotted Scan Data Cap. Until you reach that limit, you get a full view of your data. Once you exceed it, your data access for all incremental scans will not be viewable.

Here’s an example. If your plan has a data cap of 500 scans and your code gets up to 600 scans, all 600 scans will work seamlessly. However, when you check the Flowcodes page on your Flowlytics portal, your data dashboard and graphs will only display information about the first 500 scans you received. To unlock data beyond your cap, you can upgrade to an account that meets your business size and needs.

Will my Flowpage stop working if I hit my Flowcode Scan Data Cap?

No, your Flowpage will continue to work after this change, as long as your links are operational. Regardless of your plan type, when anyone interacts with your Flowpage, such as clicks a link or enters their contact information through a form, it will be fully functional.

Flowcode Scan Data Caps only limit your ability to see data about Flowcode scans. Flowpage view and click data is available in the Flowpage section of your Flowlytics portal and will remain viewable.

If I pass my Scan Data Cap limit will I be charged?

No, you will not be charged and your account will still work! However, you will lose access to any data that is submitted after the cap in your plan has been surpassed.

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