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What materials can I print a Flowcode on?
What materials can I print a Flowcode on?
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Before putting your Flowcode on anything, make sure its design follows our best practices, including size, placement, call to action, and more!

Now, there may be an occasion to use custom or bespoke materials. This will ensure your brand is remembered, talked about and perhaps passed on. We have tested numerous materials to help you express your Flowcode confidently.

Cloth patches

  • Successfully scans when screen or digitally printed

  • Woven and embroidered patches will not scan

  • Color contrast is important

Screen printing

  • Traditional screen printing uses fine silk screens and color pigment

  • It needs to be an accurate registration otherwise the code may not scan

  • Color contrast is important

  • By default, Flowcodes have a medium error rate, which basically means it can scan even when part of the code is covered, like the fold of a shirt. This will help with a successful scan

  • There are many options when it comes to screen printing, from applied color to dye sublimation printing to more textured techniques like flock, raised, puff and standard screen printing

Holographic sticker

  • Fast scan

  • All angles

  • 1x1”

  • Holographic vinyl has an eye-catching rainbow effect which changes with light and perspective

Acrylic laser etched

  • Fast scan

  • Not all angles scan as it needs contrast

  • Could be backlit

  • Etching appears white

  • Even low resolution etching scans


  • Successfully scans when wet

  • Successfully scans when foiled impressed with a contrast color

Silicon badges/labels

  • Successfully scans

  • 3D effect has wonderful textured feel

  • Color contrast is important, so 2 color minimum

Acrylic gloss badges/labels

  • Successfully scans

  • 3D effect

  • Color contrast is important (2 color minimum)

For any additional questions, please email [email protected] or reach out to your Client Success Manager.

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