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Everything you need to know about our updated platform navigation and asset organization system — platform updates, how-to's, and FAQs.

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Why are we updating the Flowcode Platform?

We're revamping the Flowcode platform to make navigation easier than ever. This is meant to add the familiar organization and navigation you’ve seen across all your favorite SaaS platforms.

Whether you have 10 Flowpages or 100 Flowcodes, you can now simplify your account with seamless asset organization. Search and Manage enables customers to quickly find, organize, and share their codes, pages, and folders.

What's changing in my account from this update?

How can I still locate my existing assets?

You will still use the left hand navigation to locate different asset types across your account.

  • Your default view is now “All Assets”, which is inclusive of all of your Flowcodes and Flowpages

  • In the new left navigation, we have also broken out into: Flowcodes, Flowpages, Folders, and your Archive (which now includes Flowpages)!

What are all of the new things I can do with this platform update?

  1. We now support Folders that contain both Flowcodes and Flowpages for easier campaign management

    1. You can now attach a description to a Folder to provide additional detail about the assets contained within

  2. The “Archive” section now supports Flowpages – you can now archive and restore any page created by you

  3. We’ve added a Search Bar to the top of the screen, which you can use to search for any asset* in your organization by name, scan destination, tag, or Flowpage URL

    1. *If you are not an Admin, you will be able to search for assets that are not explicitly shared with you, but you will need to reach out to the owner to get access

    2. We’ve added Filters to help refine your search by: keyword, asset type, owner, tag, and date created

Roles & Permissions

Note: Important Platform Permissions change — You can no longer move assets you are not the owner of.

What can I do depending on my role type?

If I’m an Admin, will I have different code and page permissions from other members in my org?

Yes – you can use the new Global Search function for codes and pages that haven’t been shared with you and ask folks to share with you. You can also see the data associated with codes and pages in Real Time Analytics when you toggle on Org Data.

Will I still need to have codes shared with me explicitly in order to see them in my “All Assets” view?

Yes – you can now search for codes you do not have access to, but you will still need the owner to share that code with you for it to appear in “All Assets”:


What can I search for using the new Global Search feature?

You can search for any codes, pages and folders in your account by name, scan destination, tags (and codes, pages, and folders not in your account if you’re an Admin).

  • When searching for Flowcodes you scan search by:

    • Name

    • Scan destination

    • Tags

  • When searching for Flowpages you can search by

    • Page Name

    • Page URL

    • Tags

  • When searching for Folders you can search by

    • Name

    • Tags

What can I filter by?

Asset type (Code, Page, Folder), Code Owner (Name or Email), Tag, Date Created

Why can’t I find my code?

Make sure you don’t have any filters applied before you search and make sure you’re searching by one of the available dimensions (Name, Scan Destination, Tag).

Can I archive a folder?

No, if you archive a folder all of the contents will be archived (restorable) but the folder itself will be deleted.

How can I better leverage tags?

Learn everything you need to know about Flowcode Tags here.

Need additional support? Contact [email protected].

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