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What does a Flowcode scan mean?
What does a Flowcode scan mean?
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At its core, a scan is when someone uses their smartphone to read your Flowcode QR code and it redirects them to your scan destination.

However, a scan is so much more than that. A scan is essentially a customer raising their hand and saying "I'm interested in your business".

Unlike a Google or Meta ad click, scanning a code has the highest signal of intent. Flowcode conversion rates are 5-10x higher than digital platforms and have 100% data transparency.

No one accidentally trips and scans a code - they're intentionally engaging with it. They genuinely want to interact with what's on the other side of the code and the experience it entails. Hence why conversion rates are so high. Someone scanning a code from your magazine ad wants to learn more about your brand and shop your products/services!

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