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Geo Smart Rules FAQs
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How many smart Scan Destinations can I select for a single code?

You can select up to 11 different scan destinations for one code, including the default.

Do Geolocation Smart Rules support international Geolocation data?

No, this feature is US Only in order to remain compliant with the GDPR.

How granular can the geolocation Smart Rule be?

The Geolocation Smart Rule has 4 different levels of granularity:

1. Region – select one U.S. region where the rule applies:

2. State – search and select 1 U.S. state or territory where the rule applies

3. Zip Code – enter 1 zip code where the rule applies

4. Coordinates – Apply this smart rule to scans occurring within a custom radius around a specific location

Note: For specific X,Y coordinates, we are accurately reporting geolocation within a 30m radius of the provided coordinates.*

*The user must opt-in to Advanced Geolocation to maintain this level of accuracy.

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