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Setting up Geo Smart Rules ๐Ÿ“
Setting up Geo Smart Rules ๐Ÿ“

Want to set rules for the destinations your Flowcode scans to, based on a person's location? Now, you can.

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What are Geo Smart Rules?

You can use a scannerโ€™s geolocation to determine which destination they land on after scanning your Flowcode. From a single Flowcode campaign, you can set up to 10 distinct post-scan experiences for your audience.

This provides you the power to create highly customized experiences for your customers, as well as generate exclusive campaigns that foster loyalty.

Whether youโ€™re sharing an exclusive product release at a single location of your storefront, opening a sweepstakes at a specific stadium, or personalizing which products you feature based on a region โ€” you can now ensure that specific campaigns and experiences are limited to a precise audience you would like to reach.

Note: Geo Smart Rules is only available for customers on a Growth plan or higher. To learn more about plans, explore our pricing page, or book a meeting below.

How to set up your Geo Smart Rules

Steps to Setting up Geo Smart Rules

1. Click on the code you'd like to apply Geo Smart Rules to. This will bring you to the Code Details page.

2. Select the Advanced tab.

3. You'll see Smart rules at the top section. Click the toggle on the righthand side to turn them on.

4. Under the Add additional scan destinations and configure the smart rules section, click Configure.

5. Select Location in the pop-up module.

6. Add an additional scan location and then configure the geo rules. You will then see a four location options to choose from.

  • Region: Scanners in a particular region (Midwest, Northeast, West, and South) will all land on the destination that you decide.

  • State: Only scanners in the state that you decide will be sent to your desired location.

  • Zip Code: Only scanners in a specific zip code that you decide will be sent to your desired location.

  • Coordinates: Only scanners in an exact location that you decide, with latitude and longitude and a radius you set, will be sent to your desired location.

If you choose Region, you'll have four options โ€” but you can only select one region.

If you choose State, you can select one state.

If you choose Zip Code, you can enter one five-digit zip code.

If you choose Coordinates, you can enter exact coordinate and a radius surrounding it.

7. After selecting the location you'd like to assign your smart rules to, click Apply.

8. Input where you want your audience to scan to when they're in that location. You'll see the smart rule overview below each additional scan destination.

For example: the screenshot shows that the destination is only being applied to those within the Northeast.

9. To apply additional Geo Smart Rules, click the green + Add another scan destination link and follow the same process.

10. Make sure you save and set your Geo Smart Rules live by clicking Save. A pop-up will appear if you accidentally try to leave the Settings tab without saving.

For more help, please email our support team or reach out to your dedicated Client Success Manager.

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