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Archive FAQs
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What is the Archive feature?

Archive is a storage structure where a creator’s Flowcodes that they have deleted will be stored for 90 days. Archived codes can be restored or deleted fully from their account. Even after a Flowcode has been fully deleted, it can still be restored on the backend by our team.

How do I restore a deleted Flowcode from the Archive?

1. To access, click Assets > Archive on the side navigation to the left of the screen.

2. Next, either click the restore icon on to the right of the code you want to restore or check the box to select it on the left before clicking restore at the top.

3. Confirm Restore and the code will automatically appear in your code dashboard again.

Will Flowpages that I delete appear in the Archive folder?

No, deleted Flowpages will not appear in the Archive since we currently only support the new functionality for Flowcodes. Our team can always help restore deleted Flowpages. Please reach out to [email protected] if this occurs.

What happens if I delete a folder? Will the folder appear in Archive?

If you delete a folder, the Flowcodes within the folder will appear in the Archive, but the folder itself and its structure will not – the folder itself will be permanently deleted. You can restore any of the codes that were deleted within a folder. However, they will be restored as individual codes. Additionally, if you delete a folder with subfolders within it, you will also only be able to restore the individual codes that were within that folder and its subfolders.

Who has access to the Archive feature?

All users have access to the Archive (trash), no matter account type.

What if I have Editor or Viewer permissions for a Flowcode that gets deleted? Will I be able to see and restore that Flowcode from the Archive?

If you are an Editor or Viewer for a Flowcode that gets deleted, then this Flowcode will not appear in the Archive in your account. Only the Owner (creator) can see and restore a Flowcode in the Archive that they have deleted. Flowcodes can also only be deleted by Owners, not Editors or Viewers.

Is there a limit to the number of Flowcodes that can be in the Archive?

No, there is no limit to the number of Flowcodes that can be in the Archive.

Will Flowcodes that were deleted via our content moderation service appear in the Archive?

No, Flowcodes that were deleted because they were flagged by our content moderation service will not appear in the Archive and will not be able to be restored by their original creator.

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For any issues or questions, please email [email protected] or reach out to your dedicated Client Success Manager.

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