Description: What are Tags?

Tags are a new feature that will allow creators to tag codes and pages with characteristic information including vertical type, placement, CTA, and more. Creators will now be able to sort and filter based on their tags and create personalized experiences within the platform.

Problem: What problem are Tags solving?

Tagging will enable creators to associate metadata with their Flowcodes or Flowpages. This tagging feature will be the first step to unlock searching, filtering, and analysis based off the the tags used for codes and/or pages.

Why would I use tags?

Many creators try to leverage metadata by identifying characteristic traits in their codes and/or pages. This is most commonly done in the naming convention of the asset, which allows creators to search their asset library based on specific asset traits. By introducing tagging, Flowcode is laying the foundation for more advanced search capabilities, campaign management, and product recommendations.

How it works?

Creators are able to enter in free-form text to define characteristic(s) of their assets at a code-level and at a page-level.

Should I use Tags?

The Flowcode team built asset tagging for all types of creators, but particularly with Enterprise accounts in mind who have large collections of codes being managed. Tagging will allow you to organize assets in various ways outside of just folder organization.

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