What are custom domains? Custom domains are personalized URLs that allow you to own your entire brand experience when creating a Flowcode! Find them now in the Domains section of the platform.

What can and can't be customized on Flowcodes?


  • Custom redirects/domains: Users have the ability to create a custom redirect (URL previewed next to the code when scanning) and apply it to a code during creation.

  • Redirects populate after a code is scanned and will appear next to the code in your camera app or sometimes as a loading page depending on your connection.

flowcode.com would be the redirect in this example.



  • Flowcode privacy smile: Unfortunately due to our privacy policy, we cannot take off the privacy smile (privacy.flowcode.com) that you see at the bottom of every Flowcode. This is a result of our legal agreement within our privacy policy.

  • Flowcode eye: Users in the platform are not able to remove the Flowcode branding from the eye of a code.

1. Creation:

You can create a custom redirect in the Domains section of the Flowcode platform:

We can add up to 7 characters before the subdomain flow2.it, flowto.it, and flow.page for a more personalized experience end-to-end.

  • *Note the 7 characters will need to all be either lower case letters or numbers.

      • Ex: desired redirect=grouphealth.com

      • Potential options for a personalized redirect:

        1. grouph.flow2.it

        2. health.flow2.it

        3. ghealth.flow2.it


When you are ready to create your custom redirect and click Add Flowcode subdomain or Add Flowpage Domain. Select your 7 characters and select "create subdomain." A new window will appear confirming your new subdomain.


After your subdomain is created successfully, you will see a green banner populate at the bottom left of your screen. You should also see the new subdomain listed under the domain you chose prior to creation.


2. Implementation

Once a custom redirect is created, it will live in your account as a dropdown option under the section: I want the custom redirect link for my code to be.


From here, you can select a custom domain you've already made or create a new redirect.

  • Please note the standard Flowcode redirect domain (http://flowcode.com/p/) will be listed as an option as well.

3. Editing

Once a custom redirect is saved in your account, you can update a previously built code or page to incorporate the new redirect:


  • In the code details view, scroll down to edit code details and select from the Custom redirect link section.

  • Here, you can update a code with a custom redirect.

    • If you change the redirect link, you must re-download or reprint your code.


  • In the Flowpage section of the platform, click into the page you wish to update. Navigate to the General section within Settings.

  • Select the arrow next to Domain and update to your desired save custom domain and Save Changes.


Custom redirects FAQs:

  • There is no limit to the amount of custom redirects a user can have in their account.

  • Pre-existing custom redirects are still available as drop downs for users in the platform.

  • Custom redirects can be applied to bulk uploads.

  • Your most recently created custom redirects will populate as the default domain in your creation flow for creating a Flowcode. Please make sure to select the correct domain if multiple domains are saved to your account.

  • Once a custom redirect is created, it cannot be edited or deleted. If you save an incorrect redirect please reach out to your CSM or to [email protected] and we can have it removed from your account.


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