Within the Creation Flow of creating a Flowcode, you have the option to create codes in bulk.

  • The bulk upload feature will allow you to Make many Flowcodes within seconds.

    • Note as an Enterprise user, you have the ability to bulk upload up to 1,000 codes at one time.

  • Begin by selecting the Make many Flowcodes option.

  • Next, download the CSV template.

    • The template will download to your computer as "create_many_flowcodes_template.csv."

    • You can then open the template in the spreadsheet application of your choice (Excel, Google Sheets, Numbers).

  • Once the template is opened in the spreadsheet application of your choice, you will see two distinct columns labeled Flowcode Name and Flowcode Scan URL.

    • Flowcode Name corresponds to how your Flowcode will be labeled in your dashboard.

    • Flowcode Scan URL is the website the end-user will be brought to upon scanning the Flowcode.

    • After filling in the template, make sure that you have no missing rows.

  • Note: At this time, only websites are supported in bulk creation, not pre-saved files:

    • .jpg, PDF, .mov, etc...


Once this is completed, export your spreadsheet as a .csv file.

  • If using Google Sheets, you can do this by clicking File -> Download -> Comma Separated-Values (csv). Upload your file into the dashboard via the Upload prompt pictured below.

Our system will check to ensure each Flowcode Name has a corresponding Flowcode Scan URL.

  • If we detect an error, you will be prompted to update your CSV and re-upload it.

Next, choose a name for the folder. The folder created will be saved under the Flowcodes section of the platform. Then you will be able to select a custom domain for your bulk upload.

  • Custom domains will only appear in your creation flow if you have saved them previously to your account. Otherwise, the codes will have the default https://flowcode.com/p/ domain.

  • See this article for more details on creating custom domains.

Choose the saved design template you wish to use to customize the appearance of your Flowcodes.

  • Note: the design you choose will be applied to all the Flowcodes you are generating in this batch.


Once you click Create my Flowcodes you will be brought to your newly created folder to view and download all of your Flowcodes, either individually or as a folder.

If you bulk create, a folder will automatically generate for the bulk order in your account.

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