Ordering Table Tents

Flowcode partners with a third party printing company, Art Craft, to execute all printing needs. To access the ordering portal please go to:


Once you log into your account you will have the option to select from table tents and stickers. Select table tents and choose between 5”x7” or 3.5”x5” options.


Custom allows you to upload a custom Flowcode and logo to your order.

Custom Drop Down allows you to upload a custom Flowcode and logo to your order but will save your images that have previously been used for your custom logo upload.

  • Please note that only high res images should be used for these uploads.

Order Information

After you have chosen your template type, you will be brought into the view where you can set your order information.

  • Quantity

  • Ship to address

  • Name your Job

  • Additional instructions


Please note, you are able to add a shipping address if you do not see yours listed in the drop down menu:

  • Once all of the necessary information is filled out, select Customize Order to move to the next step in the ordering process.

Customize Your Order

In this view you will be able to upload your unique Flowcode, customize your CTA and also upload an alternate logo if you do not wish to use the Liberty Mutual logo.


Use the Add Image button to the right of the box to upload your desired Flowcode file and/or logo. Please note that the logo needs to be a high res image. They portal will flag when an alternate logo is low quality or not accepted due to low quality.

  • Select Update Preview to see your uploads reflected in the view.


The Flowcode upload can be any of the file types available on the platform (PDF, PNG, JPG, SVG). After you have completed your upload, you will see this noted in the field under Flowcode Upload.


After you have updated your preview, this will serve as your proof of the customized file. If everything looks good, hit Finish Editing and select Yes, I approve this document to Add to Cart.



Select Checkout to complete your order. Note you are not limited to a certain amount of items in your cart so you can create multiple orders with multiple Flowcodes if needed.


After you select Checkout, choose your desired shipping preference on the next page. You can choose from five options located in the drop down menu:


Hit Continue to complete your order. On the following checkout page you will see your payment method can be a credit or debit card. Add any additional comments and then hit Complete Order to confirm your shipment.


You will receive a confirmation email when the order is placed. Additionally you will be sent an order confirmation once your order has shipped. This usually takes about 2-4 days post order date. Flowcode will invoice Liberty Mutual separately.

Please reach out to [email protected] for any issues.

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