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How To Use the Flowcode Video Insertion Tool
How To Use the Flowcode Video Insertion Tool
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How to Create your first Flowcode Video Spot

Step 1: Navigate to The Flowcode Video Insertion Tool by expanding the Video Beta tab in the platform and clicking on “Video Editing”


Step 2: Select a template for your video. Note you can choose small and large variants as well as mirror the template:


*NOTE* Be mindful of the content within your video and ensure you’ve selected a template that does not cover any important content like text, faces, or logos

Step 3a: Upload your video to the tool by clicking the upload button (pictured below) or by dragging your file to the upload area:


*NOTE* The Beta version of the tool currently supports video files up to 5:00 minutes in length or up to 500MB in file size.

Step 3b: If you’ve selected a template that requires additional media (e.g. Squeeze Back), upload that image in the “Side rail” tab:


*NOTE* Skip this step if you’ve chosen a template that doesn’t include additional media

Step 4a: Select which Flowcode to place into your video - you can generate a new code or use an existing code. If you’re making a new code, specify the scan destination and design your code by picking a Pattern, Color, Theme, and Center Image (optional) and you can skip step 4b


Step 4b: If you've already created the Flowcode you’d like to use in your video, you can upload it under the "Upload a Flowcode image" tab:


Step 5: Pick a desired HEX color value or an image for either the bottom or background (depending on which template you’ve selected):




Step 6: Pick a desired Hex color value, font, and font style for your Call to Action:


Step 7: Choose the Hex color values for the Scan Education icon and text:


*NOTE* Example CTAs: “Scan to Shop”, “Scan to Download our App”, “Scan for Exclusive Access”, “Scan for Recipe”, “Scan to Learn More”, “Scan and Enter to Win”

Step 8: Either enable or disable the phone animation which mimics the scanning process:


Step 9: Specify the timeline for when your Flowcode shows up in the video and when it disappears:


*NOTE* The longer your code is present on screen, the more opportunities there are for users to scan it!

Step 10: Name your spot using the input field above your video:


Final Step: Watch your spot using the video player to ensure it looks good and make any final edits. After confirming the video is ready to export, click the blue “Generate Video” button beneath the player. The tool will then begin to generate your finished video and will email it to you from the address [email protected] when finished.


That’s it! Enjoy your Flowcode Integrated video spot

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