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Salesforce integration FAQS
Salesforce integration FAQS
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What is the Flowpage Salesforce integration?

The Salesforce CRM Integration for Flowpage is an integration that allows you to seamlessly pass CRM data collected via the Contact Collection form to your Salesforce instance.

Who can use the Salesforce integration?

The Salesforce integration is an Enterprise-only feature and therefore you must have an Enterprise account in order to use it. If you have more questions about our Enterprise plans, please contact [email protected].

What CRM data can be brought into Salesforce via the integration?

Of the standard fields offered on the Contact Collection form, Name, Email, Phone Number, and Address can be brought into Salesforce via the integration. Name must be set as a required field in order to properly have the data flow through to Salesforce. Additionally, if you set a Custom Field on the Contact Collection form to Company then it'll flow into Salesforce as company otherwise, it's ignored.

Note: Company is case sensitive.

How long does it take for the data to be brought into Salesforce?

Once the Salesforce Integration is setup, the data from submissions to a Contact Collection form will flow into your Salesforce instance immediately.

Do I need to set up the Salesforce integration each time I want to add it to one of my Flowpages?

The Salesforce integration is an account-level integration, which means that once you have gone through the Salesforce authorization step in the Settings tab of your Flowpage Profile page, you will be able to enable the integration on Contact Collection forms on any of your pages. Simply select the Salesforce checkbox in the “Select where you would responses stored” section when editing a Contact Collection form in order to enable the integration.

Where does the CRM data captured via submissions to the Contact Collection form on my Flowpage go in Salesforce?

The data from each Contact Collection form submission will appear as a new Lead in your Salesforce instance. The Lead owner will be the owner of the account that was used to authorize the integration on Flowpage. Additionally, if there are multiple Flowpages passing data to Salesforce from your account, you will be able to see the Flowpage name (i.e. slug name) within the Description field for the Leads.

For additional questions, please reach out to your dedicated Client Success Manager or email our team here.

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