What is it?

Setting your scan destination to a vCard will allow for you to create Flowcodes that scan directly to a Virtual Contact Files (.vcf, AKA VCards). A .vcf is a standard file for formatting electronic business cards. Selecting the VCard scan destination option will allow for seamless contact sharing between creator and consumers via Flowcodes.

With Vcard, you can:

  • Share: Share contact information instantly. People can scan the code and instantly save your contact information to their phone and there is no limit to the number of times you can share your contact information.

  • Update: You can update the the information for your vCard at any point and they will immediately be reflected the next time someone scans your code. Don’t worry about re-printing business cards!

How To:

To get started, create a Flowcode and choose Vcard as your scan destination.


Next, simply type in your information to create your vCard.


When you are finished with the creation flow, save your vCard and finish the design of your code. You are then ready for download!

For any questions or issues, please contact your CSM or reach out to our team here.

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