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Teams will allow multi level organizations to function in a nested structure. You can organize and collaborate at scale with secure sharing of assets and seamless permissions functionality. Below are the three main capabilities within Teams:

  1. Teams with Subteams: Platform users now have the ability to create teams and sub-teams:

      • (E.g. USA, Northeast, New York, Soho Store)

  2. Asset Sharing: Teams provides the functionality to share Flowcodes and Flowpages with teams and sub teams.

  3. Invitations: Invitations are now embedded into the teams experience. Teams allows you to add members with ease as you think through who needs to be added to your teams and sub-teams.

Core Features within Teams

Admin: Admins within Teams can to see all assets in the org, view analytics for the entire organization, and approve who is allowed into the unique organization environment.

Invitations: Users must be invited to join a specific organization environment. This allows brands to protect their data and access, but still collaborate with each other.

Member Management: Approve new members, remove users from the org, and reassign permissions for specific codes.

Permissions: Individuals and/or teams can easily edit a code or page themselves without having to bother the owner of the code if the code or page has been shared with the team as a viewer or an editor.

Sharing: Allow multiple people or teams to edit and view the same Flowcodes, Flowpages, and Folders. They can also easily duplicate and then make assets of their own.

Teams: People can organize themselves by teams or sub-teams of people and then share Flowcodes with teams instead of individuals. They can also assign people to projects, restrict what codes their clients see, and get visibility into how sub groups of people could use the asset.

Template ID’s: An entire organization can use the same code or codes templates to match the custom hex colors and designs of a specific brand. Easily distribute your brand guidelines to QR with Flowcode.

Org Wide Control: Across the country, your employees are using QR codes, collecting CRM information, and deciding where to send your customers. Gain insight and control over who can do this with Flowcode. Help your General Counsel sleep easily and ensure no one can make codes that allow people to conduct SMS or collect CRM while logged into Flowcode. Similarly, your CMO needs to sleep at night too. Make sure you control how people are using QR in your branded spaces.

Org level analytics: People can view the Flowcode performance across entire companies or teams with ease.

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