What are Flowpage Permissions?

Flowpage Permissions is a new feature that allows you to share Flowpages with your organization, specific teams, or individuals within your organization. This allows for organizations to collaborate on their Flowpage assets easily. If you are the creator or editor of a Flowpage you can share it and set others’ permissions to be either Editors or Viewers.

  • What capabilities does a Creator of a Flowpage have? Creators have full control over their Flowpage in terms of updating the content, page deletion, design, settings, and permissions, as well as being able to see analytics for their Flowpage.

  • What capabilities does an Editor of a Flowpage have? Editors have all the same capabilities as a Creator with exception of being able to delete a Flowpage. This means an Editor can update the content, design, and settings of a Flowpage, in addition to being able to view analytics for a Flowpage. An Editor can also share a Flowpage.

  • What capabilities does a Viewer of a Flowpage have? Viewers can only access the Flowpage Profile page for a Flowpage and view the content and analytics for the page. They cannot make any edits to the Flowpage or share it with others in the organization.

How do I know what my permission level is for a Flowpage?

If you navigate to the My Flowpages view within your account, you will be able to see your permission level for the Flowpages that have been shared with you. This will be listed under the Permissions column.

Flowpage Overview:


Additionally, if you click into a Flowpage that you are a Viewer of, there will be a clear call-out on the top of the page that you are View-only and you will not be able to make edits to the Flowpage.

Clicked in View:


For additional questions, please reference our FP Sharing Permissions article or email our team here!

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