Can I bold, italicize or underline text on my Flowpage?

  • No, we still do not support bold, italicizing, or underling text on your Flowpage.

Will I lose the customization options that I applied to a single link if I change any of my page-level customization options?

  • No, customization options that are applied at a link-level will always take precedence over customization changes made at the page-level. For example, if you customize a Standard Link on your page to have a green link color and blue border color and then later you go to the Design tab for your Flowpage and set link color to be red that change will only be applied to links and content that you did not customize at an individual link level.

What colors can I choose from for my links?

  • For link color, border color and font color, you can choose from or input any hex value for the color.

Can I change the font styles just for specific links on my Flowpage rather than all the text on my Flowpage?

  • No, font styles (e.g. Inter, Arial, etc.) can still only be changed at a page level. However, text size can be changed at an individual link level.

Can I justify the text or content on my Flowpage or for specific links on my Flowpage?

  • No, we still do not support justifying the text or content on your Flowpage to one side. All text and content are centered by default with the only exception being the icon image on card style links.

Will I only be able to customize certain links with the feature?

  • Link-level customization options are available to varying degrees across almost all the links, widgets, and content types that we support adding to your Flowpage. There are a few nuances and below is a detailed breakdown of what you can and cannot change for each type of content:


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