Flowpage Analysis houses all of your Flowpage data. This includes data on traffic performance for pages and links clicks you have created.

The Flowpage Analysis Section includes the following widgets:

  • Flowpage Performance

    • Flowpage Overall Performance

    • Flowpage Weekly Performance

    • Flowpage Monthly Performance

    • Page View Weekly Growth

    • Link Clicks Weekly Growth

  • Link Clicks

    • Link Clicks by Week

    • Link Clicks by Month

    • Link Clicks by Date

    • Link Clicks by Day of Week

    • Link Clicks by Time of Day

    • Link Clicks by URL

    • Performance by Referrer

    • Performance by UTM Term

  • Device Analysis

    • Page View Share By Device

    • Link Click Share By Device

    • Page View By Mobile Operating System

    • Link Clicks by Mobile Operating System

    • Performance by Operating System

  • Geographical Analysis

    • Countries

    • Global Cities

    • US States

    • Performance by US City

    • Performance by Country Code

    • Performance by US State

    • Page Views by US State

    • Page Views by Country

  • Widget Analysis

    • Performance by Widget

    • Performance by Widget Type

    • Contacts Collected by Week

    • Contacts Collected

On each widget within Flowpage Analysis, you will find an alert and tile action function in the top right corner.

  • The alert function allows you to set parameters around your data information that will trigger alerts to your email when they are hit.

  • The tile function has two options: download data and clear cache & refresh.


When you select the alert function, a popup will appear with conditional inputs that you can fill in based on your data needs. The following inputs will be used to alert your team when your data reaches the benchmarks inputted:

  • Condition

  • Where to send it (alert)

  • Frequency


Once you have input all of your information, hit Save Alert. When your alert is saved, you will receive notifications to your email based on the cadence specified in the pop up field.

When you select the tile action and the Download data option, a popup will appear and ask you to select your desired file type for receiving the data as well as the advanced data options that you would like.


The Advanced data options will give you the option to set parameters around the results, data values, and rows.


Once you have selected these parameters, select Download and a file will be created in your computer downloads for the information specified.

If you are experiencing issues with your dashboards, reach out to [email protected]

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