Start by logging into your Flowcode account:

(Use the username/email & password you set upon accepting your invitation to the platform).

Step 1: Create a Flowpage

Once you are logged in, select Flowpages from the left side panel and then Create page. You will be brought to the view below and begin creating your Flowpage.

  • You can also get to the page creation view by selecting Create β†’ Flowpage from the left side panel.

  • Choose a domain for your Flowpage in the box containing: and choose a name under Enter Personalized Slug.

After you have named your Flowpage, hit Create to get started. Note, your name will need to be unique as no two Flowpages can have the same name.

Step 2: Creation Flow

Once you are in the creation flow of creating your page you will have three sections available to add content and customize your page with: Content, Design, and Settings. Begin with Content to add links, text, images, and much more to your page.



Add Link: The add link section will allow you to add links to your Flowpage. To add, input your desired URL into the box under Link URL.

  • You will have the option to personalize your links with display images, link titles, and link descriptions here as well. Once you have entered your desired information, hit Save Link.

  • You also will have the option to customize your links with link level styling. To do so, move the Advanced customization toggle on and select the customizations you would like to add to the link. Once you have selected your desired edits, hit Save Link.


Explore Links: The Explore Links section give you the option to add links that allow you to engage and improve engagement with your Flowpage visitors.


For more information on this, please reference our article Explore Links Breakdown.

Step 3: Design

Once you have added all of your desired links to your Flowpage, you will be ready to move onto the design section.


Here you will have the option to customize page color, shade, font, link shape, link style, link color, background, and remove the Flowcode/Flowpage branding.

Step 4: Save and Publish

When you are satisfied with your Flowpage, select the green banner at the top of your screen to Publish your page.


Once your page is published, you will see the top view of the Flowpage editor view update. You will have quick access to FAQs, duplicate, permissions, and analytics. You can also select the icon next to your page name, to copy your published Flowpage URL.


Step 5: Explore Settings

In the settings tab you will the following features that will allow you to add further customizations to your page.

  • General

  • Tags

  • Browser Tab

  • Contacts (only if the contact collection form is included on your page)

  • Share

  • Privacy

  • FB Pixels

  • Pixels

  • Meta Tags

  • Branding

For more information on Flowpage features and capabilities, please see our related articles below:

If you have further questions, please reach out to your CSM or email our team here.

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