To navigate to Flowpage Templates, login to your Flowcode account and select Flowpages > Templates.


On the Templates page you will be able to navigate between All templates, My templates, and Shared templates.

  • All templates will include all templates in your account - shared, created, and templates created by Flowcode.

  • My templates will include only templates created by you.

  • Shared templates will include templates that other members of your organization have shared with you.

In order to create a template, select Create template in the top right of your screen. From the popup, you will be able to select from your list of Flowpages. Select the page you wish to make a template and select a name for your template. Once you have added all your information, select create template.


Once your template is created, you can access it in your My templates or All templates section. In order to edit, share, or delete your template, click the ellipses in the top right corner of the tile.


For any questions or issues, please contact your CSM or reach out to our team here.

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