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Will my codes/pages expire?
Will my codes/pages expire?
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Imagine a consumer goes to scan your company’s QR code and it doesn’t work because the code has already reached its maximum amount of scans. Not a good look, right? Well never fear because the Flowcodes and Flowpages you create will never expire.

Flowcodes, even those created with our Basic plan, have unlimited scans!

The beauty of Flowcode is that our codes are dynamic, meaning that users can change the scan destination as many times as they want without having to create a new code. This feature is available to users on all of our plans.

Post-contract access

You might be wondering what happens if your plan ends and is not renewed. If users fail to renew their contracts or payment fails, they will no longer be able to access the code/page details or update backend details such as scan destination, code design, page details, and page design.

If you downgrade back to a Basic (free) account, only your 2 most recent codes and Flowpages will remain editable. Don't worry, your Flowcodes will continue to scan. If you upgrade again, you'll regain all active codes and pages that you created in your paid account.

For any questions or issues, please email our support team here.

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