What’s the difference between a generic QR code and a Flowcode?

Flowcode uses the latest in QR technology to bring you fast, reliable, and direct connections.

  • Higher Engagement - Flowcodes have a 9% higher scan rate than generic QR codes.

  • Safe & Secure - Flowcodes are the only GDPR and CCPA compliant QR codes.

  • Use long-term: Our codes allow for unlimited scans and never expire.

  • Flexibility and agility - All Flowcodes are dynamic (rather than static), which means that they can be reprogrammed to change scan destinations at any time.

    • A normal QR provider typically charges extra for this.

Added bonuses of using Flowcode include:

  • Real-time data & analytics

  • Free scan metrics to track performance

  • Advanced customization and branded designs

  • Ready-to-print templates proven to increase scans

  • Landing page optimization with our companion product - Flowpage

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