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What makes Flowcode better than generic QR codes?
What makes Flowcode better than generic QR codes?
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Flowcode uses the latest in QR technology to bring you fast, reliable, and direct connections. Flowcodes have a 9% higher scan rate than generic QR codes. They also allow for unlimited scans and never expire.

All Flowcodes are dynamic, which means that they can be reprogrammed to change destinations at any time. A normal QR provider typically charges extra for this.

Added bonuses of using Flowcode include:

GDPR & CCPA compliance

All Flowcodes have our trademark privacy smile so users can rest assured that their information and devices will remain secure when scanning their code.

Free scan metrics to track performance

Flowcode’s analytics, Flowlytics, give users access to real-time data allowing them to see their code's total scans per day, the scan location, device used to scan the code, and more!

Advanced customization and branded designs

Free users can customize their codes with a plethora of colors, logos, shapes and textures. Our paid users have exclusive access to our in-house designers, working directly with users to create a code capturing the essence of their brand.

Ready-to-print templates proven to increase scans

Users are able to select from dozens of templates allowing them to efficiently create a unique and visually appealing code that expresses their brands values.

For more help, please email our support team.

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