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View Org Data toggle FAQs
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Creators can see real-time analytics for any Flowcode or Flowpage that was shared with their Organization (Team). This feature can be disabled via a toggle in the Analytics Dashboard and on each of the Flowcode and Flowpage Native Analytics pages.

What data/analytics can users see and not see?

Non-admin users with access to the Org Toggle will be able to see analytics for their assets, assets shared with them, and assets shared with their org. They will not be able to see assets created by others in their org or assets shared with their team (this includes Summary, Scans, Top Performing Codes & Tags, Geography and Traffic).

Admins can see analytics for assets they created, assets shared with them, and all assets created within their org.

Learn more about Teams and permissions here.

If you have questions about your Flowcode or Flowpage analytics, please reach out to your dedicated CSM or email our team here.

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