Scan Rates

Based on previous client activations, we have noticed that codes used in magazine placements do not usually gross the highest number of scan rates compared to other mediums such as OOH Marketing, CTV, Digital, etc. It is important to note that if you are choosing to use a Flowcode in a magazine ad, you should think about designing the ad around the Flowcode rather than placing a code as a small add on. Codes should have:

  • Strong CTA

  • Appropriate sizing

  • Scan education

Code Size

The first thing you should establish is the max size you can print the code.

  • For print ads, codes should be printed at least 1.5” in size.

  • If your use case requires you to print the code less than 1.5-3”, please alert the Flowcode team of this size restriction. We will need to utilize square data in this instance (the code can still be circular in design) because square data is more concentrated and easier for multiple phone types to scan at a smaller size.

Background/Code Coloring

  • A transparent or a white background can be used in print. However, our team suggests that a white background is used in order to achieve universal scannability across device types.

  • Codes will need to have lighter backgrounds with darker data points so that phone lenses are able to recognize the eyes of the code easily. This is what makes codes scannable.

  • For certain publishers (ex: New York Times), codes needs to be in black and not 4c (four color).

  • Most likely you will need the code to be converted to CMYK.

Scan Destinations

File Type

  • Should be EPS but may vary based on publisher.

Custom Code Requests

  • Custom Code requests need to be submitted through this form and have a standard turnaround time of about 2-3 business days.

Our team will need the following in order to create a custom design:

  • Brand logo (hi-res as png, svg, or AI)

  • Brand guidelines (if applicable)

  • Brand HEX Colors

  • How you would like the code to be named

  • URL -scan destination (apply any UTM parameters for trackability on your end)

  • File type (for code download)

For any additional questions please reach out to your Client Success Manager or send a message to our team here.

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